Security events:

  • Elaboration of safety files
  • Coordination of components in the field of safety and security (DPS)
  • Advices in prevention
  • Technical organisator of mechanical manifestations (accordingto decree 2006-554 of 16.05.2006)


Fire & HSCT:

  • Realisation of single document
  • Setting assistance of a politique structure HSCT (Hygiene security & working conditions)
  • Audits and recommendations in fire safety
  • Training in fire fighting
  • Training in fire drill and translatory movement
  • Coordination SSI (fire alarm/safety system)
  • Training emergency medical technician / fire safet



  • Transportation of cameramen
  • Prevention and conciliation in public places during big events
  • Securing sports courses

Moto cadreur


Film shooting securit:

  • Risk analysis
  • Establishment of a prevention plan
  • Establishment of a fire and burglary safety service
  • Coordination of the security system
  • Professional risk prevention worker - IPRP


Road Safety:

  • Awareness / Training after-license (motorbikes, quads, cars, trucks)
  • Conference about/on comportement on the road
  • Thematic presentations (alcool, speed,drugs, etc …)
  • Training course on professionnal driving (police, first aid emergency, enterprises, etc …)